Thursday, February 21, 2008

Don't Think We Are Vain But....

Ok so when you first look at this you are going to think 'Man they are obsessed with their baby' but really we just want you all to see some updated pictures of her. I wanted to put a lot of pictures up so you can see what she looks like now! We think she is pretty cute, but now you can decide for yourselves!!!

Chace and Bailie

Chace is so good with Bailie! He is almost 2 years old and he tries to play with her. He will bend down to her level and talk in this high little baby voice... It is the cutest thing. He tries to ride her like a horse and feed her.... I can't wait til Bailie is a little older so she can actually paly with him!

Playing in a box

Ok I don't know what it is with boxes but kids LOVE them! Climbing on them, in them, and around them! It is so funny! Bailie played in it for like a half an hour!! Nothing in it... just her.

Bailie's First Halloween

Well I know Halloween has past, but I loved these pictures. We went all out this year...We all dressed up as a family and went with the 'Peter Pan' theme... It was really fun. Bailie was THE CUTEST Tinkerbell that you have ever seen!! I don't know if you can see it in the pictures but I put little glitter stars in the corners of her eyes. Deveren was a pretty good lookin Peter Pan if I say so myself. We made his hat out of a Krispy Kreme cap. I made him wear the green tights and all! I made him go to a party dressed up too. It was a great memory and we had a lot of fun!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Deveren's Art

Deveren has been hard at work building some awesome sculptures out of scrap metal. They are so amazing... He has really wanted to get back into the sculpture part of metal work so he started messing around with scrap metal in his shop. His first sculpture was a Golfer he made for my Brother-in-law. He has made a couple fishermen and a drummer. His last big project was for a house down in St. George that is going to be in the Parade of Homes. The family has 8 kids and each one plays a different insturment, so he built a 8'x 4' sculpture each of the insturments and combined them all together. You can check it out at I don't know how he comes up with the ideas... he thinks of them and starts to build it. He never draws it out!! It is unbelievable.