Thursday, March 15, 2012


A week ago one of Talyn's friends (and my friend of course) got hitched and she asked me to be her photographer! It was a great day. Courtney looked beautiful and you could tell how much they love each other. 
Thank you Courtney and Taylor for letting me be a part of your special day.

I have been editing her pictures this week and here is a little sneak peek :)


The same week Haley asked me to take some head shots for her so we took some of those but it's Haley and, let's face it, I can't just take a few.... so we took lots! These are my favorites! 
Isn't she gorgeous? 
She is such a natural and I love photographing her!

Talyn's boyfriend Colby had a birthday last week and she planned a FABULOUS surprise party for him. We hosted it at our house so we got to meet all of their friends... It was SO much fun! We had tons of food, chatting, and dancing on the Xbox Kinect.

Deveren decorated this AMA-ZA-ZING cake...

It's weird, this is how he looks all the time....

Cute Colby and Tal

I love this shot of Colby and Bree :)

Daniel (Colby's friend and roommate) wanted to do it too

Dance party. Adrian (In the grey shirt in front) was the highlight of the dancing for me! He was so entertaining! Thanks Adrian

Some of the gang that came

Oh my. Coolest. Picture. Ever.

We had a great time meeting new friends, eating lots, and watching everyone dance their hearts out! 
Happy Birthday Colby Crabtree.
We sure like you. 
A little bit. :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Our Month of Love... Oh, and January

This past summer our family became VERY close to Deveren's cousin, Jonathan. He really is like a brother to me. He left on his mission in January. I am so very proud of him! I know he is changing many lives and I can't wait to see him in 2 years... We had a little family get together the night before he left at our house and it was so much fun! 
It was definitely hard to say goodbye (I balled my eyes out) but I know he is doing what he should be doing and I LOVE getting letters from him! I have hit a personal record for writing letters to missionaries.... 3 letters in 2 months. I know. Impressive right?

Cute siblings Jeremy, Elder Borgia, Carrie (Jeremy's Fiance), and Andrea

Now to the Month of Love :)
We went to the Dentist. 
Bailie was AWESOME. She went onto the room all by herself... 

Brek did not do so well. He screamed and screamed so Deveren had to lay with him. It was funny

Deveren and I also had appointments but I don't think to take pictures of us.... 

Right after the dentist we went to Coldstone Creamery. Just kidding... 
This was a different day. We went out with Brent and Lori 

My Mom got sucked into decorating another house for the Parade of Homes... So we went down for the day to check it out and drop off some of Dev's sculptures that my Mom wanted to use in the home.
She is so amazing. 
This is definitely my favorite house she has decorated.

She had so many cool little things that made this house SO neat!
Light Fixture

On the bookcase she had this box filled with lightbulbs!

And this jar that was filled with nuts and bolts... LOVE IT

For Valentines Day we had our traditional Waffles with strawberries and whipped cream for breakfast.
The kids got new night lights that they love

My Valentine

Haley came over one night and she introduced me to her version of fried ice cream... Yum!

My friend Whitney and I had a date a few weeks ago and she brought over Cafe Rio and we let our kids play. Remi and Bailie had lots of fun playing and getting princess jammies on together

My husband was born on February 29th. Leap Year. Since this year he got a real birthday I wanted to plan something really fun for us to do. So we dropped the kids off at my Mom and Dad's house (Thank you!!) and we headed up to South Jordan to eat at The Pie Pizzeria. This is by far our favorite pizza place ever! Unfortunately, Dev wasn't feeling that great so he could only eat a little bit...

Our YUMMY Chicken Ranch pizza

Our graffiti

Next stop: The District for a matinee. He chose This Means War (Best hubby ever)
Side note: If you have never tried Frozen Junior Mints, you HAVE to! They are amazing!!!!

For dinner I took Deveren to Spencer's Steakhouse in Salt Lake. He loves this place and since I love him we went :) It was really good. The hash browns were my fav.

After dinner we headed to the Anniversary Inn for the night. I booked the Jungle Safari room (which happened to be the same room we stayed on our wedding night.)

Here is our breakfast (it looks better than it tasted)

The next morning we got ready and headed to the Gateway mall. We have been saving up to get a better computer (because ours sucks) so we went to the Apple Store and I am proud to say we are owners of an iMac. Before that we had a gift card to Appleby's so we grabbed lunch. We sent this picture of us to the kids

Oh and it was a bad idea to go to an outdoor mall because it was windy and freezing! Can you tell?

Ow Ow!! Man I'm so lucky

After the Apple Store we headed back down to get the kids at my Mom's.
My Mom opens the door and we are wearing the same sweater!! haha
Deveren asked me if I dress too old or if my Mom dresses to young... 
I hope we both can pull it off! 

This is the kids on the way home. YaYa wore them out!