Friday, April 27, 2012


First off, I just want to say how much I love my family. They really do mean the world to me. I found this picture on my phone and it's one of my favs. (We missed you Carter Family!) It's from Easter and we were up at my parents house chatting and playing tan outside. Such a fun day

Snuggling with Daddy the night before he left

Deveren left for Texas this past Saturday morning at 5am. He ended up driving straight through. 
22 hours. 
Poor guy. He is such a trooper though! 
This week he has been doing awesome! A great first week of the summer.

We have been keeping ourselves busy... I have the greatest babysitters! 
Thank you Brooke and Erin for all of your help this week!
I don't know what I'm going to do when you leave for college....

The kids have been having lots of fun together.

My sister (not blood related but we have adopted her), Haley Felton, was in the Miss Orem Pageant and I really wanted to go see her in action. So I brought my bestie Amy with me and we partied it up at Orem High School. 

The name of Deveren's office is DRIVE... Represent.

The hose to our swamp cooler was busted so it wasn't working. 

I have such amazing friends that offer to help out when my husband (who usually does the annoying projects) is gone. A BIG shout out to Ryan Ker for fixing my swamp cooler!! You are the bomb!

Speaking of friends, we had Tyson and Brigham over to play in the sprinklers...


Desmond popped the question at preschool on Wednesday! 
Cutest Couple Ever.

Get who popped the question for reals????



Talyn and Colby are engaged! 
He proposed while the two of them were in St. George.
In a hot air balloon.
Yeah. I know. 

For all of the juicy details, go HERE.
Congrats you guys! We are so thrilled!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

St. George

The Thursday before Easter a few of my friends decided to go on a girls trip before all of our husbands left for the summer. (We totally deserve it!!!) Whitney's family has a house down there and so we were able to stay there. Thank you Robbins Family!
We drove down Thursday afternoon and got to St. George that night.

Lori, McKenzie, Whitney, Me

We woke up Friday morning, got ready, and went to get pedicures. Whitney's older sister, Nicole and her AMAZING family lives down there too, so she met up with us and spent most of the day with us! 

Kenz was enjoying the massage chair.... A little too much :)

Our pedicures turned out horrible. But they look OK from far away

We went to the Mad Pita for lunch and it was Delish! 
I got the fire chicken pita and it was to die for!

After lunch we went shopping at TJ Maxx, Old Navy, GAP, and Dick's Sporting. 
I have some awesome videos from that... They are coming :) 

After some shopping we decided to go to a movie. It was Spring Break down in St. George, by the time we got to the theater there were only 2 seats left in the movie we wanted to see (Mirror, Mirror) so we went to the Hunger Games. We had all seen it before so it was fun to go again. It was even better the second time!

The theater was packed so we had to split up.

This place has THE BEST sugar cookies I've ever had. We stopped by a few times while we were there.


Lori enjoyed her 3 cookies and snow cone :)

After Swig we went home and got in our swimsuits and then headed over to Nicole's house to chill in their hot tub. 
We ate dinner and hung out with them the rest of the night.

Saturday was our "lay out day" so we got up and threw on our suits.

Before going to the Alfano's house we went and got some lunch at Twentyfive Main Cafe.

This was my yummy turkey artichoke panini and salad

We spent a lot of our time with the Alfano gang (Nicole and her Family). They are the greatest people! Michael and Nicole were the best hosts ever! They made us TONS of food, brought us snacks, water, let us lay out in their backyard all day.... They are incredible! 
Thank you Beautiful Alfanos! We love you!

 We were out in the sun for 7 hours. I put sunblock (SPF 30) on one time at the beginning of the day....
I didn't get ANY SUN!!!
What the crap. 
It made me angry. 
Oh well, it was still so much fun! 

All of us (with our crazy eyes) right before we left their house.... 

Sunday morning we got up early and drove home so we could be home for Easter with our families. 
Thank you so much to the Robbins and Alfanos.
But, Thank you so much to Whitney, Lori, and McKenzie!!!! I had so much fun with you guys. We made so many great memories and I'm so glad I have all of you as friends!!
We need to do that more after the summer! Love you guys

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Last Week

My Auntie and Gramma (That's what my kids call her... I know how to spell Grandma) came out for a visit. Well, my grandma lives out here but every winter she goes to stay with my Aunt in California so she doesn't slip and fall on the snow and ice and break her back. Yup, It happened once.
Anyway, they came out and we had so much fun. 
We basically ate our way through the week. Five Guys Burgers... the BYU Creamery Twice in 2 days. It was great! 

Auntie and Brek at Five Guys

Grammy and the kids

Speaking of my amazing grandma, she got this new guy.
I am so in love!

My all-time favorite ice cream.
Peanut butter trails with a sugar cone on top.

So our cousin Jonathan is on a mission in New York, Uttica so we decided to send him a package.
I had the brilliant idea to make him a candy bar card.
So here's what Dev and I came up with 

It says:
Hey BIG HUNK! LOOK! We decided to send you a package to New YORK with MOUNDS of stuff. Question: Do you live on 5TH AVENUE? We hope you can TAKE 5 minutes to check out this package of pure JOY. We hope you'll SNICKER and BURST when you see how GOOD we are! So don't be a DUD and take a FAST BREAK from all of the NERDS and AIRHEADS to check it out. We hope you are having GOOD & PLENTY of success. OH HENRY! I mean MIKE & IKE... Sorry! Jonathan. We miss you a NUTRAGEOUS amount. We can't wait to have you back so you can have a huge PAYDAY and SKOR 100 GRAND!!! (He's coming to sell with us when he comes home).
M&M (Mr. & Mrs.) Farley and the JUNIOR MINTS

Bailie had her 5 year well check. She had her last set of shots so now she is all ready for Kindergarten! 
The poor thing had a finger prick and 4 shots. :( She did well (After she screamed for a few minutes before they even gave her the shots). They gave her a goodie bag for being so brave. It had bracelets, rings, a watch, a few other things, and the Dr. took a picture with her so they gave her a copy too.
Love my babe

Monday, April 2, 2012

Oldies But Goodies

I love all of the memories we made as a family on this trip.
Here are some of my favorites

Still don't know why kids LOVE carousels so much

Tower of Terror (we are in the front row on the left)

We saw Muppet Vision

It started to rain so here we are in our super flattering ponchos

Star Tours


Meeting Donald Duck

Toy Story Mania

Taking a break and eating ice cream

Waiting for the parade to start

My love

Pooh Bear ride

Splash Mountain


Freak he's cute

Ariel Ride!! 

Daddy wearing Brek's hat. 

My in-laws were down for a choir concert and spent a day at Disneyland with us!
It was so great seeing them!


Toy Story

Brek really wanted to hold Grandma's hand... It worked out :)

Dev, Me, Rick, Eli, and Sam on Tower of Terror
The other people were HILARIOUS! They freaked out the entire time. I couldn't stop laughing!

I love my family like crazy! I love spending time with them. One-on-one and all together. They are my life. I can't wait for the next family trip! Love you guys!