Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We miss you daddy

My lovey has been out of town for almost a week now. (He is in Southern California on a preseason trip) And we are definitely missing him.
I am so ready to have him home!
Bailie asks when he will be home every night before bed.

Brek is the most vocal about missing him.
We skyped with him on my friend's iphone and now every time he sees a phone he gets so excited and says 'dada! hi dada!' Sometimes he even cries cause he wants to see him so bad! It breaks my heart. 
He sure LOVES his daddy. 
It's hard to see him get so upset about him being gone but hopefully the next week will fly by so we can have him home!
We miss you Daddy! Good luck this week baby.

On a happier note...
I got the kids some new shoes yesterday and they have been wearing them all morning! 
I think they like them.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

girls night, date, and APX no more

Last weekend we had our monthly girls night out... We had a blast!  Pizza, chips and salsa, and more treats than we could handle. Welcome to the Camp family :)


Bailie and her Yaya had a hot date... 
Taco Bell and Tangled. 
Bailie was just a little excited

She wanted a picture with a scarf on like Yaya's

APX has evolved. Vivint is here. For more info go here. Very cool.

I found these

And wanted to share them cause I can't get enough of my munchkins. It still amazes me that Brek can make a different face in every picture... Oh the talent.

It has been a very rough winter to say the least. We have tried to come up with fun games to play inside but the poor kids are getting very sick of playing inside! The laundry basket is a very fun new toy.

Brek is learning so many new things these days.
He is VERY observant.  He mimics Bailie all the time. 
Lots of new words... His favorite, of course, is "Ball" and "No no no"
He also knows had to pick on Bailie and hit her... and laugh about it.  
He loves emptying the shoe bucket and hide shoes.
Making messes are his forte.
He also eats his own poop.

Don't get me wrong, they LOVE each other

My GQ baby