Sunday, December 18, 2011

This past week

About a month ago, my Grandma, Mom, Aunt Russie, Lori, Me and Talyn (not pictured, she met up with us at the movies) went to dinner and the premiere of Breaking Dawn.
It is so nice to spend quality time with my favorite girls!!

We all loved the movie

When we got to the theater they gave us each wedding rings, passes, and vampire teeth... They also did a raffle but we didn't win anything :(

Back in October my wonderful parents had a Halloween party and they went as Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga. 
Yeah I know. Coolest Parents Ever. 

My mom asked me to do her makeup. This is what we came up with.

The Biebs

Apparently they were a huge hit and their costumes were so good that no one knew who they really were :)

I put Bailie in a Ballet/Jazz dance class in September and she has been LOVING it! They have been learning a dance for their Christmas concert since then. This past week was quite busy! She had pictures on Monday, dress rehearsal was Wednesday night, and the concert was Thursday. 
Let me just say, I don't think I have seen ANYTHING cuter than her performing her dance in her costume! She was the only one that kind of knew what they were supposed to do... She did such a great job!!!

Getting her ready for the performance

Her hair had to be curly in the back and the sides pulled back

Our cousin Jonathan stopped by as we were getting her ready and gave the kids their Christmas presents. Bailie got a ballerina Barbie

Brek got a Toy Story car.  

They love their gifts! Thanks Jonathan

Since makeup was mandatory, I tried to make the best of it... But it was so crazy to be putting it on a 4 year old!
She absolutely loved wearing it. I think I'm in trouble...

So here is my grown up girl!

The girl has got some eyelashes on her!

Thank you to everyone that came to support her! 

I am so proud of my Bailie girl. She is did a great job and was so adorable. I can't wait for her Spring concert :)
After the concert we had to get a picture with Yaya and Papa.

In other news:
My bestie Amy and her husband Chase are HOMEOWNERS!!!! 
Congratulations you two! I am so freakin happy for you! I can't wait to come see your beautiful home. Love you! 

Friday, December 16, 2011

Part II

Here are some more of my favorite pictures of our fun trip to Disneyland :)

Auntie came to visit us for a few days

We took Brek on the ferris wheel and learned that he is DEATHLY afraid of heights

This was his favorite ride

Little Mermaid: My Favorite ride

Splash Mountain: Bailie's favorite ride...

We stayed at Deveren's brother's house for the last few days and they have a dog, Piper. Bailie had fun 'styling' her hair

The last 2 days we were at Disneyland, my older sister was there with her husband and his family. One of my good friends, Annie, who happens to be my brother in law's sister, was there and we got to go on a couple rides together!!

More characters

Brek giving some love to Minnie the balloon

Bailie and Auntie waiting for the parade to start

 'Someone' convinced me to go on Splash Mountain as it was getting dark. Big mistake

We went to Ariel's Grotto to eat lunch one day. Bailie, Auntie and I loved it... The boys, not so much

Santa was there so the kids wanted to tell him what they wanted for Christmas

This is one of my FAVORITE pictures from our trip

We met some of our good friends, Brandon and Tonya, for lunch

It was so good to see them!

Here is some of our gang when we met up with my sister and the Carters to watch a parade

Deveren's brother Sam, his kids, and us. 
The morning we left was the first (and only) time I took a picture of the cousins! I will be better next time!

Cutie Pies

So that was a very condensed version of our trip! We had a fabulous time!