Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cinnamon Sucker.... Mmm Mmm Good

Grandma gave her a cinnamon sucker and she LOVED it! She was a sticky mess and would scream every time we would try to take it away... I thought it might be too hot for her, but she kept on suckin' away!

My Haircut

So on Saturday I went to my good friends' salon and chopped off all of my hair.... It was pretty intense because I have never cut this much off at one time and it has never been this short before! She cut 10 inches off and it feels so weird! It took a few days to get used to it being so short, but I really like it now!! There are perks to having short hair:

~ I use half the amount of shampoo and conditioner as I used to
~ It takes 2 minutes to dry it and 20 minutes max to do it if I take time and curl it
~ I'm not as hot anymore
~ It's a fun change

I was really afraid that Deveren wouldn't like it. For all of you who know Dev, he isn't too fond of short hair so I was really nervous! When I got home, he was afraid to look at it cause I told him it was really short and that it didn't ever touch my shoulders... When he finally looked at it he was surprised, but he told me he liked it!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

He's Finally Home!!

My cousin who I was always really close growing up got home from his mission a few weeks ago! I'm so excited! We went to his Homecoming talk and little get together afterwards and here are some pictures of that. WELCOME HOME BUDDY! WE MISSED YOU!

Her New Pose

This was so cute! Daddy was reading to her and she just stood up, leaned against his shoulder, and crossed one leg in front of the other. I love my sweet little baby

Yummy Rocks!

Bailie loves playing outside! She loves playing in the dirt and squishing it in between her fingers. She could spend all day long out in our backyard if I would let her but the weather has been so crazy here that we can't. It could be a beautiful 70 degree day... then an hour later it is windy, rainy and about to snow!
She loves to pretend to eat rocks she finds in the dirt. She thinks it is so funny! She will put it up to her mouth and we tell her 'No, don't eat that' and she smiles and starts laughing! It is really funny.
I have a little bit of a pet peeve though.... I hate when Bailie is dirty! It kills me when she gets super dirty and her clothes get stained... I know I need to get over that quickly.... I am really trying!!

A Work In Progress

I don't know if anyone remembers what our house looked like before but we have been working on the outside a little bit... Ok A LOT! It's been a lot of work but it turned out really good! Deveren has been so amazing! He has worked his butt off the past little while trying to get as much done as he can. He even took Friday off to work on the house! Shocking I know, but once he decides to do something he has to get it done as fast as humanly possible!

Here is an overview of what we have done so far:
~Get curbing put in around flower beds, play area, vegetable garden, and trees
~Planting flowers, plants, Trees, Bushes, etc.
~Breaking up all the concrete that made a sidewalk around a good part of our house
~Making 2 pathways up to the front door out of the concrete pieces
~Ripping out half of the sod from our backyard
~Spread mulch, deer manure, soil conditioner, top soil, and dirt in all of the flower beds and play area
~Set up Bailie's playhouse
~Make a bridge for Bailie's play area
~Buying a patio furniture set and fire pit

This is what still needs to be done:
~Paint the Exterior of our house!!!! (Hopefully it will happen within the month, depending on the weather)
~Plant vegetable garden in planter boxes
~Pour cement steps in the front yard
~Do brick work on Bailie's bridge
~Make the patio bigger

We still have a lot to do but it will all be worth it in the end!!! (That's what I keep telling myself at least)