Sunday, September 28, 2008

The leaves are starting to change colors and I am SO excited! I want to go up and take some fun family pictures while the leaves are still really pretty and while the weather is still good!

We went up to the canyon and took some family pictures... I really like these ones. Boy, do I have a cute family or what?

Bailie is very good at giving loves.

Good Friends

Here we are at Chillis with Katherine and Billy... We love you guys!

Future Pianist

Last weekend our friends Billy and Katherine were in town so we met up with them in Payson. Katherine's parents just moved there and Billy was installing insulation in their basement and asked Deveren to help him. I went up there to see how it was coming... Bailie saw the piano that they have, so I got my camera.

Bailie was having so much fun pounding on the keys.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'm Missing You

My favorite younger sister... She is in London right now with BYU's Study Abroad program and it's so hard being away from her!! Especially since we are so so close! So Tal, I just want you to know that i'm thinking about you! I love you!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

More Cruise Pictures

Good Times

Here are just some of the fun times we had with Stew and Sara... Thanks again you guys! Don't be mad that I put these pictures on here!!!


Here are some painful things that happened to Sara and Me while on our vacation...

We got some awesome tatoos... ok not really, they are the rub-on ones :)

This was my battle wound from the ocean sucking me under and scraping me against the rocks...

The ocean got the best of her too, but her scraps were on her upper thighs... I don't think she would want me to post pictures!!

Glasses and Monkeys

Ok so speaking of being girly, Bailie also likes to wear these sunglases that we bought for her when she was a baby... She found them in her room and wore them for an hour straight yesterday.
Oh and while we were gone, my amazing mom and grandma watched her for us. My mom bought some really cute pajamas with monkeys on them... She wears them and says "Monkey Monkey". So cute.

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

Bailie takes after her mommy... She loves shoes! I am so happy that she is starting to be girly!! Her latest favorite thing is to go get shoes out of the shoe holder by our front door, put them on, and walk around in them. It doesn't matter whose shoes they are, she just loves them!

Monday, September 15, 2008


We just got back late last night from our super fun vacation with some good friends. We flew to Long Beach where we got on the cruise ship, then headed to Mexico!

We were at sea Sunday night, Monday, and Tuesday then arrived in Puerto Vallarta where we went shopping (it was so fun watching Deveren bargain with the local Mexicans to get great deals on souvenirs) and went to the beach. Sara and I almost drowned in the ocean, which was fun, and have some battle wounds. Later that night we went on a horseback ride up at a ranch in the rainforrest and the bus got stuck in the mud. So we had to hike a mile and a half to get to the ranch. The horse ride was fun... then it started pouring rain! We almost didn't make it back on the ship on time...

Our next stop was Mazatlan. To be honest it was a little scary cause it was kind of ghetto. We went to the beach and Sara and I watched Stewart and Deveren boogie board and body surf in the ocean.

The last stop on our trip was Cabo San Lucas... One word... BEAUTIFUL! It was amazing. We went to Lovers Beach where there were butterflies flying Everywhere! It was so pretty. The taxi boats were kind of annoying because there were so many of them, but it was so fun... The best part was that there were no big waves!! Sara and I actually got in the water!

The weather was great, the ship was amazing, the food.... not so great! I actually lost weight, because I didn't eat very much... The overall experience was so much fun! We made tons of memories and I am planning another one hopefully in the near future!!