Sunday, January 29, 2012

More December Activities

As a Christmas present to all of her preschoolers, Bailie's cute teacher, Miss Karli took them on a field trip to the University Mall where they got to talk to Santa Claus and went to Build-A-Bear!
Bailie had a blast! We LOVE Miss Karli!!

After the field trip and eating a sucker 

Bailie also had a Christmas program that was ADORABLE! 
(Bailie is in the middle with her legs wide open. Such a lady)

Right after Christmas, Deveren and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. We went up to temple square to reminisce :) Love you babe

After temple square we went to my FAVORITE ice cream place Leatherby's. Delicious!

My good friend Sara was in town for Christmas with her husband and kids so they came over and hung out one night.
I'm sure i'm going to get hate-mail for this but I had to do it:


She loves it.
I love it.
Doing her hair now is SO easy and no Tears!

Brek got his hair trimmed but it's still "Sunshine" hair

The girls play really well together... Can you tell? Bailie has every pair of panties on. 
Apparently she has 18

The cute girls watching Beauty and the Beast. 
Haha I hope Bree (far left) got the gold she was digging for :)


Two Words.....
Technical. Difficulties.

oh and two more words

We have done so many fun things the past  months and my computer got a virus.... So that's why i've been such a slacker.

But I'm back! (For now)

Let's start with Christmas! We had our very first Christmas at our home. My Parents, Grandma, Aunts and Cousin traveled to our house and my older sister's houses on Christmas morning so they could see the kids open presents. Because lets face it; Christmas is so much more fun when kids are around :)

On Christmas Eve Bailie left cookies and milk out for Santa and a note

Our family and Santa Claus were very good to us this year! 
Deveren got a watch

 Bailie had a very specific list for Santa this year.
She wanted:
A Bike
A Scooter
A Barbie Car
A New Barbie
A REAL Camera
A Surprise

Brek didn't care. He's still too little. But he was thrilled about all of his gifts!
Brent and Lori got the kids scooters before they left to go home for Christmas. The kids loved them! Thanks guys! 
And since I have THE GREATEST HUSBAND that likes to go shopping on Black Friday, he was able to get a lot of it for her for WAY cheap. Love him.

 Brek's Woody Cowboy boot slippers. These were my fav

 Bailie and her REAL camera (this one was cheaper than a kids toys camera)

 Santa brought the kids BIKES! Too bad it's too cold outside to go ride them. The house will have to do!

In the afternoon we went up to my parent's house and had a yummy Christmas dinner and exchanged gifts. It was a GREAT Christmas!