Sunday, June 24, 2012

Friends, Dance, Fathers, and Cheer

I'm sorry my blog has been neglected a little bit. There is this thing called instagram.... and i'm addicted.

Here's the latest from us.
A couple weekends ago my good friend Cara came to town with her cute kids and we got to meet up for lunch and catch up.

We all fit in my car :) Love having a beast for a vehicle!

 My Aunt has a pool in her backyard so we have been there almost everyday during the week. 

One evening after dinner at Auntie's house we had a s'more party. The kids were in heaven

Bailie was playing down in their basement and she ran into the corner of the wall. 

We celebrated Father's Day on Saturday and Sunday.
We spent Saturday at my Aunt's house swimming and BBQ-ing.

Sunday after church we went to my parent's house and had another BBQ.
The kids got Papa Whoopins (the kids love it, I swear it's not child abuse)

Tri-tip, corn on the cob, salad, fruit, tater tots

For dessert pound cake with strawberries and whip cream

The whole gang

The AWESOME fathers that are a part of my life (EXCEPT FOR MY LOVE, WE MISSED YOU LIKE CRAZY!!!!)

Sad we couldn't celebrate with this Daddy

On Monday, Bailie had her dance recital. The theme was Beatles Mania and it was great! 
The entire day was crazy. She had pictures that were at 11am in American Fork, then we went home and ate lunch and went to the grocery store, then she had dress rehearsal in Provo. After rehearsal, we came back home and ate dinner then got her ready and headed back to Provo for the performance. 

Here she is waiting her turn for the group picture

Thank you to all who came to support her!!

She did SO WELL in her dance! There were 6 girls total and she was front and center. All of the other girls were looking at her to see what they were supposed to do next. It was very cute.

On Friday Bailie was invited to go to the last day of Cheer Camp at Mountain View High School.
Her preschool teacher was in charge of it so she invited Miss B to come.
They practiced cheers for a couple of hours then they performed for the parents and football players.
Desmond was at football camp so she got to cheer for him :)
Des' older sister KiKi was so cute! She stayed with Bailie the entire time and even let her hold her pom poms.

Bailie got a certificate and a T-shirt! She has worn it everyday so far 

Desmond and Bailie

Friday, June 1, 2012


The past 2 weeks were super busy for our family. 
I will start with Wednesday the 16th... I got a phone call from Deveren that afternoon and he told me that our roll cage business was doing so well that he needed to come home to help make them because Tony, the guy who builds them for us, couldn't make them fast enough and was getting behind.
He told me he was planning on coming home late saturday night.  
More about that later... 

On Thursday I had a girls night with Tal and Bree. We had so much fun talking and eating pickle dip!


On Saturday my Grandma came over to babysit the kids so I could go take Talyn and Colby's engagement pictures. My Mom came also to help out... We drove up to Park City and went to a couple of really cool destinations.  

After we had been up in Park City for a few hours I got a text message that said:
Can't wait for you to get home... Surprise!!

He came home 8 hours earlier than he told me!! It was the best surprise...

After taking the engagement pictures we went to a super yummy mexican place in Park City. 

Talyn wore these amazing 4 inch wedges and she was about 6' 3" tall in them. 
It was so funny 

 Deveren was super busy pretty much the entire time he was home. He worked everyday from five or six in the morning until about one or 2 in the morning. Crazy boy. We did get to spend all day on Sunday with him which was much needed :) 
I got to go on a hot date with him and our friends the Kers on Thursday night. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings (like we always do)
Side note: I don't know why but my eyes always go freaky when the flash from my phone goes off.  

 Bailie graduated from Preschool!
They had a graduation program which was so adorable. She did such a great job. Miss Karli told me that all of the kids were supposed to sit in alphabetical order for the program but Bailie and Desmond wanted to sit next to each other. So they did. Poor Claire that was supposed to sit in between them got the boot.

We have LOVED having Miss Karli as Bailie's teacher. I wanted to do something for her that was meaningful.... So here's what I (Pinterest) came up with 

Bailie made her a card. The inside of the card said "You are the best teacher Love Bailie". She drew a picture of the two of them.... It was so adorable!

Graduation Day

Miss B and Miss Karli

So sweet

After graduation we took Bailie to Cafe Rio for lunch.
(Free Quesadilla... Can't beat it)

We had to stop by the store and so of course we had to have an ice cream :)

On Sunday we again got to relax and spend the day with Dev (a.k.a. watching him sleep) before he left early Monday morning.

I am so happy that we got to see him and spend time with him! And I'm so glad that he got all caught up on roll cage stuff!
Monday morning (Memorial Day), we woke up very early and took Dev to the airport. It was so so sad to see him go but grateful he got to come back for a bit!

That afternoon we went to the Ker's house for a BBQ. 
I am so grateful for Ryan and Rachel! They are great friends and have looked out for me and the kids since Dev has been gone. Thank you guys so much!!!!!

Delightra, Rachel and Me (with a lazy eye apparently)

On Monday night we went up to our friends Cy and Whitney's house to watch the Bachelorette and have a sleepover!

Remi and Bailie had so much fun playing together. Neither one of them have ever had a sleepover before so when it was time for bed it got interesting. They talked and talked. Remi was too excited to go to sleep so we kept hearing Remi talk and then Bailie say "Rem, can you please stop talking so I can go to sleep?"
It was funny. 
After about an hour, we thought it would be best to have them sleep separately....

 Since the weather has been really nice lately we have been living outside. 
I love summer time and I am looking forward to staying home to enjoy my family and friends!!!