Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Formal

A few weeks ago APX had a formal night.  The girls wore gowns, the men wore suits or tuxedos....  It was pretty hard core.  We went to Log Haven to eat before.  The event was located at a country club in Salt Lake.  They had a huge ice sculpture out in front, valet parking, people walking around with orderves, and lots of gambling.  It was fun don't get me wrong.  It could have been a lot more fun if there weren't so many dang people there...  They were guessing 900 people were going to come and there ended up being 1400 people.  Like I said...  WAY too many people. 

Our group that went to dinner

Lori and Brent playing craps

Silly husbands...  But they look so GQ, Don't ya think?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cabo Baby!!!

Dev and I just got back from our much needed vacation to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  We brought our good friends Brent and Lori with us....  It was so relaxing!  Here are some highlights of our trip! 

Waiting at the airport

Plane ride...  Funny story:  The guy behind Brent was drunk...  He kept yelling "Mas Tequila!!" and "Cabo Baby!" every 10 minutes or so...  and passed out a few times.  The best part?  He was 39 years and travelling with his Mother!

We made it!  

We rented a car...  I reserved a midsize car.  We got a Volkswagon Jetta.  We barely fit our bags in the trunk and the boogie board had to ride in the backseat with Lori and I

We could not wait to eat some amazing tacos al pastor...  So we went to Guacamayas the first night....  We went back 2 more times.  AMAZING.  I will miss those more than anything 

Lori and I went parasailing...  The guy in charge of strapping us in informed us that he was hungover.  He was a smoker, and was wearing a shirt that said "I'm no gynocologist, but i'll take a look".  Let's just say we were lucky to have met him :)  Oh and he was nice enough to announce my weight to the entire boat.  Thanks for that, Buddy.  

Lori and I at the beach

Dev boogie boarding.  It was a daily occurance for the guys

Brent boogie boarding

The handsome hubby's

We went ATVing...  So fun!

While we were on the ATVs we got to hold a baby seaturtle!!!  That was a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget.  It was so cool!

All of us at dinner one night

We saw this couple everyday.  They were always drinking and they were super gross.  You can't see his ponytail but he has one.  And her belly button ring with a bedazzled jewel hanging off of it.   

Us getting on the plane to head back home...

If you can't tell by the stories and pictures, we had SO MUCH FUN...  Thanks for coming with us Brent and Lori! 

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ben and Tayler= Gorgeous

My cousin Ben (Ok, my favorite cousin) found his lovey Tayler and they are getting married Feb. 19, 2011.  I couldn't be more thrilled!  We had a lot of fun taking these...  Just wanted to give them a peek at what is to come :)  I hope you like them.