Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Our anniversary was yesterday.
4 years ago I married my lovey. I love love love him.
He told me I was in charge of planning our anniversary this year... So I got my romantic juices flowing, and this is what I came up with...

That morning I went and got all of my supplies....
Throughout the week I kept asking Dev what he wanted to do so he would think I didn't have anything planned (i'm a thinker :) )

My Aunt who is in town and is staying at my mom's house said she would babysit for a few hours that evening.
I told Dev my mom needed help lifting something at her house so he would have to come up with me to drop the kids off... So that was our excuse to get him out of the house so my sister could go get things ready...
We dropped the kids off and hung out there for a bit so Tal would have some time to set things up
I had my Mom slip and say "Have fun at the movies" so he would think that's what we were going to do...
As we headed back down from my parents house, I pretended to forget "something that we really needed" at my house so we had to go back home.
I made Dev run in and get this "imaginary thing" and then I followed him inside.
He opened the door and this is what he saw

This is what we ate at our romantic candlelit dinner... Dev's favorite

I sure love him
We had so much fun! Thanks to Talyn for pretty much doing all of the work! It turned out awesome!! Thank you Auntie for babysitting!
Here's to another 4 years..... or Forever baby! Love you

Oh my goodness!!! My Brek is almost 4 months! I can't believe it...

A few days after he turned 3 months old he started doing this

Man I love this boy

Sunday, December 27, 2009

More of Christmas Day

Bailie got so many fun things!! She got an Easy Bake Oven from Auntie

Santa gave Bailie....

A baby that talks and poops

Princess stickers

A Princess bracelet

Here are some of the fun things that were given...

Brielle made a book for Talyn of all of her ventures in London

Uncle Tom got a gun

Deveren made an awesome helmet for my Uncle Tom

Aunt Ruthanne aka Russie got an Ipod

One more thing.....

Someone got this...

ME!! I know! I can't believe it either! I have the best husband in the entire world! He spoils me like no other. I love this guy so much! Thanks babe!!!!!

I love him!

We had such a great Christmas with family. (We missed you Aunt Cody) We are so blessed and are grateful for all that we have. Thank you to all who gave us gifts. We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!

Christmas Morning

On Christmas Eve we left yummy treats and milk for Santa.....

We left a key outside so he could get in....


Christmas morning we got up, brushed our teeth and ate Shirley's rolls for breakfast....
Aunt Paralee, Trent, and Tom
Courtney and Corey (my cousins)

Cara sporting her Walmart shopping cart

Mom and Me

Carters minus Cougar

Bailie, Talyn, and Coug

Dad and Me


Sunday, December 13, 2009


The morning of day 2 we booked it to the Princess Fantasy Faire to meet the princesses. We had to wait in line for what seemed like a few hours but it was worth it. Bailie was looking forward to this the most.

Here are some of the things Bailie did while we waited in line...

Played with Daddy's glasses


Hid from the camera :) haha

Played on Dad's phone

Finally we got to the front of the line!! B really wanted to meet her favorite Princess, Snow White... Right as we walked in the room Snow White left! It was so sad... But Cinderella is her 2nd favorite, and she was still in there... So first we met Jasmine

Then Ariel

Then, right as we were walking over to Cinderella, she walked out and Belle walked in! I think I was more upset than Bailie was though... Oh well. Belle is my favorite... And B had lots of fun!!

Here are some more characters we saw....
Check out this Lady's outfit!!

Oooh and this one!

Don't you just love when family's have matching shirts so they don't get lost? I think it's hilarious!!

Ok now the REAL characters...
Minnie Mouse (the sun was in the perfect spot... Lame)

Mickey Mouse

Donald Duck


Mr. Incredible

and Guess who we finally got to meet!!!

Goofy and Max

We had SO MUCH FUN!!! I want to go a lot more often... Hopefully we can make it an annual family trip!