Saturday, February 28, 2009

Shout out

I wanted to give a shout out to my favorite person in the world.... My amazing hubby Deveren. HAPPY BIRTHDAY (kind of) BABY! I love you so much and we wish you were here with us! I know you are working so hard today, but try and do something fun!!

The reason I said kind of happy birthday is because it isn't really his birthday today..... He is a leap year baby so he doesn't et one this year!! Sad I know...

Friday, February 27, 2009

St. George

Since Deveren has been in St. George for the past week I have really been missing him... Deveren's manager was going down to meet him is St. George for a few days to help him and his wife was going too so she invited me to go with her. The girls would play during the day and then we would get to see our husbands at night.

So we packed up their car and headed down. We had so much fun! Thanks again Cy and Whitney! Here are some of the fun things we did......

Fed the hundreds of ducks...

They were evil... They kept coming closer and closer to us, so we got in the car and fed them out the window!

This one big duck came over to the car and got super close to us!! Scary

Cute Whit and Remi looking at the ducks.... in the car of course

While we were down there we celebrated Deveren's birthday (which is funny because he doesn't have a birthday this year... He's a leap year baby.) We went to see the movie Taken... it was really good... Then we went to Chillis for dinner.

Whitney gave Bailie some licorice.... This is what happened

Remi was so good... especially for having thrush!

It was a fabulous trip! I got to see my hubby for a few days, we were in 60 degree weather, and I was in great company!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Random Tag

Kim tagged me so here are some random facts about me!

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1. I hate seafood... I hate all kinds. Fish, shrimp, crab, you name it. Eeewww.

2. My all-time favorite tv show is Friends. I have all the seasons and I can't get enough.

3. I am living my dream.... Being a mom and doing photography.

4. I have lived in Utah for 16 years and I have never been skiing or snowboarding.

5. I have a weird reaction to heavy medication. It makes me very emotional. When I had my tonsils and my wisdom teeth taken out, I woke up and started crying.

6. I am so scared to have my husband away from us for 2 months. He is going to sell security in Las Vegas to do preseasons.... The longest Dev and I have been apart since we've been married is 9 days.

I tag Kayla, Gina, Cora, Ashleigh, Mandy, and Cara.

A Secret

I can finally blog about some big news that I have been trying to keep secret.... We are having another baby! I had my first ultrasound today and everything looks great! We heard the very strong heartbeat and saw it fluttering... The baby actually moved and we got to see it! We are so excited and very relieved! I am 10 weeks and my due date is September 13th.

I hope Bailie treats the new baby like this. I can dream, can't I?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

Our Valentine's Day was fabulous! Deveren let me sleep in because I'm still sick, so when I woke up I made heart shaped pancakes (well they turned out to be blobs but it's the thought that counts, right?). Deveren had to get a few things done before he leaves on Tuesday so we went to my parents' house while he worked. We ate soup and bread for lunch and just hung out...
When Dev finished working he came over and we watched a couple movies and had candy, popcorn and soda. It was so much fun!
I got Deveren a card and some of his favorite candy. (The card says, 'I crossed a cute butt with gorgeous eyes and a kind heart and a great sense of humor, and know what I got?' The inside says, 'Me! Hey did you hit the jackpot or what?! Happy Valentine's Day To My Wonderful Husband'.) I thought it was so funny!

Bailie made a haul... She is so spoiled! Her Yaya and Papa sure love her lots!

Life Savers

These 3 items have been my best friend the past week.

I have had a head cold from hell so these amazing drugs have helped out a ton!!

Fashion Icon

So Deveren and I let Bailie dress herself.... This is what she came up with. Her shirt is a little short don't ya think? We love it!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Words can't explain how much I love this girl. She got comfy on the couch this morning...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Senior Pictures

Here is a sneak peek of some senior pictures I took yesterday.... To see more of them, click here.