Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I'd Be Jealous...

  If I were you. 

We got to spend the Fourth of July in our Nation's Capitol.
In the morning, the girls took the metro to the parade.
 The kids in their festive getup

I have such pretty friends

Lori and Me waiting for the parade to start

This was my favorite float... these are real guys that stayed still the entire parade

Bailie's favorite thing about the parade. Can you guess why?

I just had to snap a shot if this sweet guy. 
He dropped his baton right before this was taken. 
So sad I missed it

I thought this was really cool too.

After the parade we went to Pentagon City and got lunch. 

Then we headed back to the National Mall to get a spot for the fireworks.
Posing for the pictures

Aanisah and Denise

Bailie made friends with these cute girls that were sitting by us...
They gave her the crown she is wearing :)


Dev, Jonathan, and Me

They kept shooting off canons at random times so Miss B was being prepared

Brek freaked out when the canons went off... Such a good daddy he has


This is my favorite picture from that night.  No explanation necessary :)

It was such an amazing holiday for us! I hope you had a great Fourth!