Monday, August 29, 2011

B+E=2 Cutie Pies

While our friends were visiting us we went to the beach and got some family pictures... I'm really sad it was so bloody hot and sweaty because we didn't get to take very many.
Sorry there aren't very many Erica, I hope you like some of them.

I LOVE this family!!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Wow... 2 Months. Really?

A lot has been going on the past 2 months.... The kids and I finally made it home! It was a VERY long trip but we are home! We got home 2 weeks ago and have been crazy busy seeing family and friends, and trying to get back on track. Oh and I haven't had my computer to post pictures. But I'm back.

Let me back up a little bit first. 
The last couple of weeks in Washington DC we had lots of fun!
These first few pictures were just really funny so I had to post them. 

Bailie fell asleep like this. Yes, her face is facing the camera.

Can you tell my kids have lots of personality?

Brek is a climber. He climbs on EVERYTHING

We had some of our good friends come and visit us! Ben, Erica, Ethan and Carter were so much fun! They live in Ohio and we haven't seen them for awhile so they were just what we needed!
We went swimming and had a few more fun outings, but i'll get back to that in a second.
Look at Bailie in the next few pictures...

I promise I didn't tell her to pose... She did that awesome 'America's Next Top Model' pose all on her own. And she does it all the time now...
 Back to swimming... What stud muffins we have!

Ben and Erica hadn't been to Cafe Rio in quite some time so when they heard there was one close, we just HAD to go. 

Ethan and Bailie were basically inseparable the entire weekend. 
They became close. 
Very very close.

Check out the hand holding action....

And cuddling

They were SO cute with each other. Bailie still talks about Ethan and asks when she gets to see him again.

More to come... Very soon.