Sunday, September 11, 2011

2nd Birthday and Goodbye Par

Bailie had her first day of Preschool... and dance class but more about that later. (Her dance pictures are on my phone)  Here is her preschool picture

My baby turned 2 on Thursday! We got him a basketball hoop that we set up the night before so as soon as he woke up and saw it, he grabbed the ball, and dunked it!


I made his cake but Deveren decorated it. It was originally supposed to be a basketball, football, soccer ball, and baseball... but the icing I got was not good to it turned into a 2 on FIRE!! 
Cool huh?

We went to Chuck E Cheese's... Some of us had LOTS of fun

Brek was going crazy with all of the fun toys to ride and play on. 
We put him in the monster truck...

He hated it

Thanks for coming everyone!
 Family photo

The day after Brek's birthday was the day we got rid of his binky aka par.
We told him that there were lots of other babies that needed them.
So we got helium balloons and tied his par's to them and had Brek let go of them.


It's gone better than expected! He asked for it a couple of times the first day but other than that it's been really good. He cried for about 20 minutes when I laid him down for bed, and then 20 for bedtime on day 1, but day 2 was only 7 minutes for nap and bedtime. Today was about 2 minutes :) Hopefully this continues...